Join the scene of digital culture and discover revolutionary ways to experience and collect art through the Henosis Tigers collection. A Genus Labs NFT series composed with randomly generated fierce tigers ready to run the blockchain and shake up the web3 art scene with a loud roar.
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Our Story

The becoming of Henosis Tigers is an ageless story of the transformative power of art, unity, and love for each individuals’ creative power. A tale older than the stars about the never-ending dance between chaos and creation; light and darkness.

The story claims that in a desperate attempt to save the world from an ice-cold extinction, The Goddess of Creation merged the essence of generosity, curiosity & community into the Henosis Tiger. A fierce creature of mystical oneness who now roams the world of mortals on an eternal quest to preserve their undying spirit and guide it to the Elysium through the light of an ever-lasting burning flame.

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About the artist

To deliver this truly unique art-meets-tech collection we've teamed up with Albert Madaula. Featured in the likes of Architectural Digest, Netflix and many others, he is an internationally distinguished Spanish artist whose art and future projection we whole-heartedly believe in.

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Where art meets tech

Albert’s work for Henosis Tigers is strongly influenced by Greek-Roman iconography, bringing together different deconstructed pieces into ‘Henosis’, which stands for mystical ‘oneness’, or ‘unity’ in classical Greek.

The richness and complexity of layers coming together to build something completely new is an ode to one of our core beliefs, depicting that there’s richness in diversity and strength in unity.

Albert plays with ferocious features on the animal’s face to convey the strength, courage and bold essence of the tiger and uses a vivid color-palette that reminds of the characteristic Mediterranean colors.

When designing the Henosis Tigers collection, we wanted to put the essence of the artist’s work at the fore-front, which is why the team has worked closely alongside the artist, individually supervising each digital art piece, to make sure that every single variant has the right mixture of color, composition and balance by the artist's standards.

Each Henosis Tiger is entirely unique, and algorithmically generated by combining 33 unrepeatable traits with varying rarity across categories.

Trait Categories


31 traits. 91 variations.

2,089,711,042,560,000 possible combinations.

Building the future of Henosis together

Minting a Henosis tiger essentially means purchasing a piece from internationally acclaimed artist Albert Madaula's first NFT collection.

As the first collection in the Genus Labs ecosystem, Henosis Tigers' NFTs are also a gateway to future Genus Labs initiatives. Our creative studio will continue to help established web2 creators and brands make their debut in the space while empowering our holders to navigate web3 through private AMAs with industry leaders, curated giveaways, high-end partnerships, and more.

Art Lab

The Art Lab is the grouping of upcoming Genus Labs’ NFT collections, bringing artists and collectors closer together. Henosis Tigers is the first of these collections and the step opening up the doors of the Art Lab to collectors.

As the first collection of the Genus Labs ecosystem, Henosis Tigers NFT will provide an anticipated access to all future Genus Labs’ NFT collections.

In line with Albert Madaula’s and GenusLabs’ core values to support diversity and inclusion and as part of the Henosis Tigers collection, a portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to an association supporting LGBTQ+ community.

Open roadmap

While our Art Labs and Academy are already up and running, Genus Labs will not follow a roadmap of its own. It will rather pursue a deep interest in digital art and the ambition to create a tribe of digital art aficionados. NFTs are evolving at a rapid pace and we want to leave the door open for new initiatives that may encompass the desires of our community.

The Academy

We are committed to create an uncomplicated blockchain experience. For everyone. Through our own expert-led academy resources, our purpose is to help you gain the tools and knowledge needed to make sense of the web3 world and become a successful NFT artist or collector.

To deliver on this vision, we build proprietary Discord bots helping you quickly grasp what's going on in the NFT ecosystem, host private AMAs sessions with artists and industry leaders as well as highly curated giveaways and partnerships with other top web3 projects.

The team

Gauthier Vanderhaegen


Spent the last 5 years incubating and scaling up new business lines across companies like Uber & Booking.com. Now full time on web3.

Borja Matheu


Digital creator specialized in launching and boosting successful memberships for consumer brand giants such as Philips, Booking.com & Marriott International.

Albert Madaula


Abert Madaula is a Spanish painter and film director based in Barcelona. Self-taught, he started painting when he was a child and developed his interest in art over the years.

Maitane Zárate

Copy writer

Writer, storyteller and content marketer specialized in creating impact through words. Maitane has over 5 years marketing experience in tech, having worked for unicorns such as Messagebird.

Petar Lazarevic


Worked alongside heavyweights such as Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies and Don Diablo. Now on a mission to unveil the future that web3 enable for the industry.

Miquel Cardiel

3D Artist

3D Artist that explores new ways of communication through digital media, specialized in videogames, VR worlds and 3D Javascript websites.

Erra (Mori)

Community Guide

Former web2 artist and graphic designer, Mori uses her skills to turn the Henosis Tiger community into art aficionados..

Angela Santos

Graphic Designer

Talented graphic designer and illustrator, Angela is a web3 enthusiast who has worked as the lead artist for the StickyDAO collection.

Marc Lehrter

Mod & Collabs Lead

Consultant and venture architect with a focus on corporate venturing, digital innovation and strategy since 2017.
Ensuring our Discord is a safe place to call home.

Janne Heusler

Community Lead

Full time student by day, web3 thread writer by night. Now busy building the best community for Henosis Tigers.

Hey, it’s us. Mere mortals sitting in our Amsterdam Headquarters, building up our fierce vision of the web3 future one block at a time.  

We are a multifaceted team of professionals that have worked for companies like Uber, IBM, Booking.com, Philips and Marriott International.  

With diverse backgrounds in technology and an advisory board with experience in Google, Crypto.com and the NFT space, our team marries the knowledge of a plethora of industries where each team member brings a highly unique expertise to the table and plays a key role in bringing Henosis Tigers  to life.

With equal gender distribution, members of the LGTBQ+ community, and team-mates from diverse nationalities (such as North and South America, Europe and Middle East), we’re building a culture where diversity and inclusion are more than just words. We can proudly say that diversity and inclusion are guiding principles that our team embodies, where ‘different’ brings value to the table and multiple approaches and points of view are celebrated.

The junction of these different views and skills helps us shape the most relevant creative studio and act as a solid bridge between you and the world of web3.


Is there an allowlist?


As we're getting closer to our mint date, we're no longer running collaborations or public raffles to give out some allowlist spots. That said, we're always on the lookout for genuine Twitter interactions and will grant a few last allowlist spots to those sharing their love for @HenosisTigers.

When is the mint?


The mint will take place on December 7, 6PM CET.

What is the mint price?

0.042 ETH per NFT

How many Henosis Tigers are there?

There are 750 Henosis Tigers roaming the blockchain.

How many Henosis Tigers can I mint?

You will be able to mint 2 Henosis Tiger. Our vision is to build a community of art aficionados. As such, we will prioritize a high number of unique holders rather than allowing the possibility of minting multiple pieces of a Henosis Tigers. That being said, we understand that some of our members may wish to get their hands on more than one Henosis Tigers.
How are the funds used?

Henosis Tigers by Albert Madaula is the first NFT series of our web3 creative studio: Genus Labs. Besides about 30% for team payments and to cover our expenses, all the funds collected from our first collection are redirected to our creative studio.

Genus Labs’ mission is straightforward. Our studio will launch future artists collections, alone or in partnerships with brands, while empowering our holders with educational sessions with industry experts, partnerships with high-end NFT companies, highly curated collaboration, and more.

The funds collected from this first collection, Henosis Tigers by Albert Madaula, are intended to grow our studio in 2023. These funds will strengthen our financial position and allow us to accelerate our pace in launching new artists while building up on a team capable of continually bringing value to our holders.
Is the mint over-allocated?

Yes, our allowlist is overallocated by about 20-40%. We’ve made the conscious decision to allocate more spots than what can be minted since we started to collect wallets in July 2022. We’re aware that some spots may have been given to people that have left the NFT market since then, especially given the recent market conditions.

We know that over-allocation can be a stressful experience, so we've kept the numbers reasonable to avoid a "gas war" effect. While it would be easier to sell-out by giving away 10 times as many spots as can be minted, we are building a community of enthusiasts who share a long-term vision for this space.

In highly over-allocated projects, traders tend to have the upper hand because they are more likely to win the "gas wars." Our reasoning with this ratio is this: if you want to put your pawn on a Henosis Tiger for art, our utilities, or both (who says you have to choose 😏), you should have no problem doing so by minting early. If you wait for the perfect opportunity to flip, you might get burned.
Is there a Discord Server?

Our main communication channel is Twitter, make sure you follow us @HenosisTigers.

You're welcome open a ticket on our Discord (link is in the top right menu) if you have any questions, all other channels of our Discord will remain exclusive to allowlisted members (and will remain private to holders post mint).
What are NFTs?


It’s a revolutionary way to own something on the internet.

‘What ‘something’?’

An indivisible and unrepeatable virtual file or asset, to be more precise - whether that be music, art, a piece of clothing, a tweet, or access to events and communities - it’s an awesome way to get involved in projects and artists you believe in and gain something in return.
What is "Minting an NFT"?

Minting an NFT means being the first buyer. More precisely, the mint of an NFT refers to the activation of the Smart Contracts inscribing the NFT in the Blockchain forever. You will then be able to sell it.
With which cryptocurrency can I buy a Henosis Tiger?

Henosis Tigers by Albert Madaula will live solely on the Ethereum blockchain.
What's Ethereum blockchain?

Ethereum is a blockchain accessible to everyone. This chain requires holding $ETH in order to pay transactions and is one of the most secure blockchains in the world. As soon as you want to initiate a transaction on Ethereum, you will have to pay the network fees which vary on the level of traffic on the network at a specific time. These fees are used to pay miners for their validation work.
Where should I store my ETH to be ready to mint?

You have to store your ETH on a wallet like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and others. Note that the wallet you pick is up to you. If your ETH is stored on an exchange platform such as Binance or Coinbase, you will need to send it to your wallet so that you can later connect your wallet to the site and be able to mint.
How to resell my Henosis Tiger NFT Art?

To resell your NFT, you will need to use a secondary market place like OpenSea or LooksRare. Once your NFT is listed and on sale, it is visible to all browsers who can buy it directly. If your NFT is sold, you will receive the $ETH directly in your wallet, minus the platform's fees and GenusLabs royalties of 9.9%. Listing your NFT may involve Ethereum transaction fees.
I can no longer mint on the site, how do I get an NFT?

That means that all Henosis Tiger NFT Arts have already been generated. You can now go to a secondary market place like OpenSea to purchase an Henosis Tiger (top right of the screen).
About IP Rights

Please find attached our NFT Ownership License Agreement.

In short, you can display your Henosis Tigers art NFT or use it as a profile picture for non-Commercial Use. You can also create derivatives for non-Commercial Use like to display in your wallet, as a profile picture, to create a pixel-art version for use in a third party platform. For now, you cannot use it for commercial use. This is subject to change. If you would strongly like to use it for commercial use, please reach out to us.

About the auction

The auctioned Henosis Tiger NFT is one of the two original pieces that Albert Madaula hand-drew himself. The winning bid will own the NFT and a real life 100cm x 120cm painting. The auction will take place on OpenSea, you do not need to be allowlisted to bid. 

Terms and conditions apply.

More details on: https://henosistigers.io/termsandconditions
Got more questions?

Don’t worry. We get it. Web3 is a whole lot to digest, especially if you are just getting started. If you have any questions or doubts regarding purchasing a Henosis Tiger NFT Art email us at hello@henosistigers.com or shoot us a message on Twitter. 


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2022 | Terms and Conditions

Join the scene of digital culture and discover revolutionary ways to experience and collect art through the Henosis Tigers collection. A Genus Labs NFT series composed by 6221 randomly generated fierce tigers ready to run the blockchain and shake up the web3 art scene with a loud roar.
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